1. Membership Subscription
To become a subscribed member you will have to register and pay for your membership by choosing any one of the subscription plans laid out by us at “RemPham’Ly”. It is also compulsory that you have a “RemPham’Ly” ready device to complete the subscription. Once subscribed, your membership will remain active until the next billing cycle upon which you will be required to renew your membership subscription by paying the required fee. You may terminate your subscription whenever you choose so but your membership shall remain active for the ongoing billing cycle.

2. Membership Plans
We at “RemPham’Ly” from time to time offer a number of different membership plans, which may include time limited or specific promotional plans some of which may be in conjunction with our official partners. However at this time, the membership plan shall be fixed at 500 INR per month, the amount which “RemPham’Ly” has the right to revise anytime it wishes so. We also reserve the right to run the membership with a “Free trial offer period” the duration of which is purely at the discretion of us at RemPham’Ly.

3. Billing Cycle
Billing Cycle refers to the interval of time from the ending of one billing statement date to the next billing statement date. In the case of “RemPham’Ly” one billing cycle is set at a period of one month.

4. Payment Method
To avail our services you must comply with at least one or more Payment Methods which as of now are Google Pay UPI, Net Banking and Debit/Credit Card purchase. For some payment methods the service provider you utilize may charge certain fees, such as foreign transaction fees etc., and in those case we at “RemPham’Ly” are not responsible for the extra being charged.